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You will probably never forget the moment you completed your pool deck. As you watched your kids happily take their first dip in the pool, you may have breathed a sigh of relief that your home repair project was finally over. But as time passed by, you realized the reality: pool maintenance is a delicate job. Your pool is one of the most exposed parts of your home, continuously subjected to the sun’s harmful rays which can damage the pool’s finish. On top of that, an ill-maintained pool is compromised and no longer a safe place for your family.

You know your swimming pool needs plastering, but you procrastinate because you don’t have the budget for such a project. There is a better solution: proper maintenance. The more you delay your swimming pool plastering, the bigger the job gets, and the higher the cost.

Many parts of pool maintenance will require your attention but pool plastering is the task that will require the most frequent attention. You may have invested a lot on a fancy water-resistant coating, but with the high temperatures in Palm Desert, California, cracks are bound to appear. Many homeowners make the big mistake of thinking cracks are something they can live with and that they won’t affect the pools’ functionality. Don’t make the same mistake! Small breaks in the surface are not just an aesthetic problem but are a sign of something far more serious. Cracks appear when your structural integrity is compromised because of damage to the barrier protecting the concrete from water damage. So how will you know when to call the experts?

Signs and Symptoms You Pool Need to be Replastered

The tricky part about detecting when you need a pool plastering job done is that it’s difficult to tell what’s healthy from what’s not. Do you call a pool plastering company in Palm Desert at the sight of a single crack? Do you wait until the crack is deeper? Or do you wait until there are several cracks? How long should you wait? Well, here are some professional tips to help you determine when you need an inspection:

  • Time. All pool plastering jobs have a lifespan ranging from 7 to 10 years. If you haven’t done any pool maintenance in the past ten years, then it’s about time you called Palm Desert Pool Plastering for an inspection.
  • Stains on the pool surface. Stains on the surface of your pool may seem like a job for a pool cleaning company to deal with, but there might be a more severe problem. Although some stains can be removed easily, other stains are caused by mineral deposits of iron, copper, and manganese. These stains are caused by hard California water. This means that even the best high-pressure wash won’t be able to get rid of them. The harder you try to remove them with acids and chemicals, the more you damage the plaster.
  • Bare Patches. These patches are a sure sign that you need an inspection right away and probably some pool replastering. The spots are easily identified and are caused by the oxidation of some components of your pool structure. Many pools use rebar, shotcrete, and gunite in their structures which can wear down due to water damage.
  • Dull Appearance. If you notice that your pool is not as bright and radiant as it once was but now appears dry, it may be due for a swimming pool plastering job. Old and worn plaster looks decayed and quickly gets cracked. Although this is an aesthetic issue, you can prevent a lot of future damage by getting your pool plastered.

These are the most common warning signs of pool plastering problems. Still, there may be seemingly minor issues that are concealing deeper cracks in your water system. To be safe, call the professionals at Palm Desert Pool Resurfacing and have your pool thoroughly examined. We always offer customized solutions to make sure you never spend more than necessary.

Just give us a call, and we’ll have one of our pool experts visit you and find a reasonable solution to your pool plastering issues. Your pool will look brand new, and you won’t have a hole in your wallet. We serve all of Palm Desert and the nearby areas of Rancho Mirage and Cathedral City.

Is it Just Plastering You Offer? Learn What We Can Do for Your Pool!

Coating your pool with a new plaster finish will protect the concrete from direct UV radiation and water damage. However, if you are going for a new look, we can suggest various materials that will serve the same purpose.

We want you to love your newly remodeled pool, and we will do everything in our power to make it look perfect. Here are some of the most common requests we receive in Palm Desert:

  • Traditional Plaster. Despite the wide range of materials available, conventional plaster is still the number one choice, especially for older pools. Plaster has many advantages, such as being very durable and cost-effective. With our skilled masons, just the right mix of cement and sand is applied to ensure that your pool will last another 10 years. The downside of conventional plaster is that it is prone to discoloring and staining.
  • Pebble Finishes. If you are looking for a luxurious and vibrant finish, pebble finishes are a good option. Brands such as Pebble Sheen are designed to last longer while hiding imperfections. These “marbles of pool finishes” can last up to 20 years and look as though they were built yesterday.
  • Pebble Fina. This is a combination of silica stone and cement that combines the durability of conventional plaster and the beauty of pebble finishes. The silica gives the pool a shimmering sea color adding to its aesthetic.
  • Hydrazzo. Considered to be the “smooth sensation” of pool finishes that combines the durability of exposed aggregates with a silky smooth texture. The result of this is a toughness without roughness to achieve breathtaking color.
  • Quartz-and-Plaster Finishes. Also known as plaster-based quartz finishes, this pool finish adds a glimmer of calcium carbonate improving the appearance of conventional plaster.
  • Custom Designs and Colors. We can customize your pool surface to match surrounding landscaping and décor to create a truly personalized look. From combining different finishes to mixing colors, you can create a spectacular jewel in your backyard.

When you work with us, you invest in the future of your home. Our crew is highly trained and dedicated to making your dream a reality. We believe in quality and only use the best materials bought directly from

the manufacturer, so your pool lasts a long time. You get all this and more at an affordable, budget-friendly rate that you won’t find elsewhere. Give us a call today, and an expert from Palm Desert Pool Resurfacing will inspect your pool and provide a free quote.

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